“Only fear the Lord and serve Him faithfully with all your heart. For consider what great things He has done for you.” 1 Samuel 12:24

This year we are studying First Samuel, the story of God’s people, our people, clamoring for a king. God answers their cries and all of the kings He provides, even those who seem to be the best, are deeply flawed, as we are all flawed. All of these kings point us to the future coming perfect King of Kings, Jesus! This study will cover topics of God’s sovereignty and faithfulness, friendship, courage, obedience, and more. Along the way we will meet Hannah, whose heart’s desire is to have a child. We will witness God’s faithfulness to a young David in battle against a powerful Goliath. We will explore the gift of friendship in Jonathan and David’s relationship. Throughout, we will discover the loving, gracious God who works through people, even though they are sinful, to work out His plan for our salvation. As we work through First Samuel, we will be dedicating ourselves to praying for one another as we apply God’s Word to our lives.