Our express purpose is to offer the people of Richmond the good news of the gospel of Jesus Christ.

Our Vision

We believe that the Gospel (which is changing us) can change anyone anywhere, and we choose to believe it can change our city and our immediate community too. It is a big vision, the recapturing of an entire city; it is not something we can do without the great God on whom we depend and our own wholehearted willingness to follow Him where he might lead us. But Christ calls us to step out in faith and claim enemy territory, depending upon him and using all the resources and gifts He gives us.

With this purpose ever before us, here are seven characteristics of the Stony Point Church God has called us to be.

Stony Point Church is a congregation in which Gospel transformation is our top priority. Our prime concern is grasping and applying the transforming gospel of the Cross. That is the engine of change and the mark of who we are – not a community based on its history, nor on core families, nor on a family feel, nor on being a bastion of Reformed theology. We are a Church where everyone knows that the distinguishing mark for everyone, from the guy who wanders in on Sunday morning, to our children, to our leaders, is how the Gospel has drawn them, changed and is changing them.
Stony Point Church sees its main legacy as growing leaders. In all that we do, we ask ourselves, “How are we investing in growing leadership here? How do our programs equip people to take leadership as mature, discipled and discipling members of Christ’s church? What men and women can we invest in? What structures can we grow and refine and eliminate so that we will be better at growing a culture of leadership? How does our teaching invest in leadership development? Does it simply tell our people about the Bible or does it grow adults and children who can apply Bible teaching and live transformed, leading lives for Christ?
Stony Point Church is focused primarily on the task of mission to Greater Richmond. We believe our task is to serve the Lord of the Church as he builds his Church in Richmond. To that end, we gladly partner with our brothers in the James River Presbytery and work with other gospel churches and gospel works in our mutual longing to see Richmond transformed in a multitude of ways, and our missions budget reflects this priority.
Stony Point Church glorifies the God of the Gospel by intentionally drawing both believers and unbelievers to Christian worship and decoding the Gospel for them (called “evangelistic worship”).  Our church culture delights in excellence in how we present ourselves on Sunday mornings – in a clear but unpredictable, creative and gift-harnessing service of worship in which we  renounce an introverted concern for [our] own life and recognize that [we] exist for the sake of those who are not members’ (Leslie Newbigin). We are intentional about creating an environment on Sunday mornings which people who are not yet Christians are drawn to.
Members of Stony Point Church and regular attenders are encouraged to participate in small group gatherings led by qualified under-shepherds for learning, intercession, accountability, connection and growth.
Stony Point Church chose to construct a new sanctuary and renovate its existing buildings in 2014-15 in order to meet not only its own needs but especially the needs of those who are yet to come. Our church facility, planned and built in faith, is intentionally worshipful.
Stony Point Church is characterized by practical mercy to the poor. Although Bon Air is by no means characterized by poverty – far from it – SPC seeks to project a new form of humanitarianism in Christ. We do not want to reflect not what the world is, but in the Gospel what it should be – a diverse congregation racially and socially bonded together in service, reaching out to those in need in all kinds of ways from ESL programs to car repair ministry.