This Happened On 07/01/2002

“Almost heaven, West Virginia…” It was a well known John Denver song but its words were most fitting for what became an annual SPC mission trip to Fairmont, West Virginia starting in the summer of 2002. One participant, Leslie Kolmer, had this to say about the 2010 project:

“Morning and evening there are birds singing and people heading off for personal devotions. Seeing Hugh and Ian Arthur doing devotions together is a prime example of the rich fellowship we share. Even hosts appreciate this aspect. Just yesterday, Thelma (a host) and her friend said they were looking forward to Friday evening when the host families come to Day Spring for a meal and sharing. Personally, I’ve been blessed by the fact that when we ascend the hill to Hamilton Street I can glimpse my grandmother’s house. On Sunday evening, before we began our work, we were encouraged by the staff  ‘to take care of grandma’. I could readily see these host women as grandmas. Coming back to camp in the evening we’re treated to views of farms and properties near Day Spring. After dinner we have worship and teaching from the book of Ruth. Last night, we settled together before a big bonfire until lights out. It’s not that our time is without the usual struggles; it’s not been perfect. But surrounded by God’s creation, worshiping him, living in close fellowship with each other, and serving the Lord have made it almost heaven for me.