This Happened On 12/05/1979

In December of 1979, Elizabeth (“Bizzy”) James, daughter of Charles and Kay James, became desperately ill. Before taking her to St. Mary’s Hospital, Charles gathered the transfer team, doctors, nurses and Kay around Elizabeth’s bed, anointed her with oil, and prayed for her.

Five days later, her heart stopped. She was resuscitated and rushed to the Medical College of Virginia Hospital where Charles and Kay were told that her death was imminent. For four long weeks she lay in a coma — and then suddenly awoke and asked for her mother.

Weeks of hospitalization followed, during which SPC’s members prayed, provided food, cleaned house and offered whatever encouragement they could to Charles and Kay.  On February 3, 1980, the church bulletin included the following letter:

We feel at a loss for words that will truly express our gratitude for the many ways you have ministered to our family in the last two months. We have felt cradled by your love and protected by your prayers. The Lord has met our spiritual, emotional, financial, and physical needs through the portion of His body here at Stony Point. Thank you for all you have done. In his Name, Charles, Kay, Chuck, Robbie and especially Elizabeth.

In 1988, Elizabeth joined McLean Presbyterian Church, PCA, in McLean, Virginia.