This Happened On 06/01/2000

Inspired by a missionary to Uganda, John Keltonic led the first summer missionary team to Uganda in June, 2000. Our original Uganda connection was with the Canaan Children Home through Global Outreach, which represented and supported Canaan at the time.

During our years of ministry at Canaan, SPC helped to fund a primary school, a clinic, and an administration building. Thanks to the generous contributions of many, we were able to provide books for the home’s library (and organize it on one of our summer trips), medical supplies, “and a ton of other random stuff,” according to John.

Under the leadership of John and his wife, Anita, SPC summer teams held conferences for pastors, youth conferences, women’s conferences, medical conferences, Bible clubs and did medical work in over 2 dozen villages and cities all across Uganda including Jinja, Fort Portal Mbarrara, Palissa, Iganga, Moyo, Gulu, Mukono, Kakira, Kireka, Kayunga, Seata, and Adjumani (aSudanese Refugee Camp).  Partnerships were fostered with local churches in each town in order to encourage follow up.