This Happened On 09/11/2013

From its formation in 1969, SPC  understood itself to be a church gathered for worship, prayer, fellowship, and discipleship on Sundays and a church sent forth in Gospel service and witness to our neighbors – wherever we may encounter them – during the week. Our commitment to that founding vision remained strong, but we needed more room for gathering, especially for inviting our neighbors to gather with us.

In 2010, SPC’s leaders began to dream some really big dreams and to make some really big plans. And in the fall of 2013, the congregation took some very big first steps – by faith – toward seeing those dreams and plans become a reality.

The plan was to expand and improve SPC’s facilities by:

  • Constructing a new, 500-seat sanctuary
  • Creating a clear and welcoming main entrance and gathering spaces
  • Converting our current sanctuary into a fellowship hall and kitchen
  • Updating and improving our restrooms
  • Installing an elevator to improve access to our education wing
  • And Re-configuring our administrative office spaces

SPC’s strategy for raising the funds necessary to update our facilities was dubbed TRANSFORM.  But ultimately, TRANSFORM wasn’t about the building; it was about asking God to transform us – to grow and strengthen our faith in Jesus, our sense of generosity, and our Gospel witness to our neighbors.

And so, on Wednesday, September 11, 2013, we  met together for a special evening of worship. As we began this journey of faith, we bolstered our faith by remembering how God had worked His good will in and through us in the past.

TRANSFORM:Why? What? How?

In June of 2013, Steve Constable, Randy Holmes, and Joe Maroon taught three lessons designed to provide a comprehensive overview of the SPC Vision, the Master Plan process (our architectural plans), and Transform (our financial strategy) to the SPC congregation. Audio recordings of each of these lessons are available below

TRANSFORM: WHY? The Theological Vision • Steve Constable • June 2, 2013

TRANSFORM: WHAT? The Architectural Vision • Randy Holmes • June 9, 2013

TRANSFORM: HOW? The Financial Vision • Joe Maroon • June 16, 2013