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“BUT GOD.” These two words are overflowing with the gospel. For sinners like you and me there may not be two more hopeful words that we could hear. But grasping the reality of those words in our daily lives can be quite difficult. Over the course of the weekend we are going to begin to [...]

Bowling and Breakfast

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MIDDLE & HIGH SCHOOL STUDENTS: Join us for a an evening of fun and night time breakfast! DETAILS: • Friday, March 29 from 7:00 - 10:30PM • Meet at Bowl America by 7:00PM • Get picked up at SPC by 10:30PM • $10 per person • Be sure to complete the SPC Young Ministry Registration [...]

High School and Young Adult

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PEOPLE HAVE CALLED JESUS MANY THINGS. Liar. Myth. Martyr. King. Prophet. Heretic. Lunatic. Teacher. But what did Jesus say about who He is? Join us for a great weekend away. A weekend of relaxation, fun, memories, and spiritual refreshment. Together, we will look at the answer to that question. As we learn about who He [...]