Greetings from Lira, Uganda! We are two days into our four day conferences here. Everyone is healthy and well. We are a little weary and would appreciate your prayers for energy, clarity, and endurance.

On Sunday morning, our team visited Christ Our Refuge Church in Kampala, a congregation of the newly formed East Africa Reformation Network. For the past two years, our Uganda team has worked with Ben Church, an MTW missionary from America, who leads the church planting team. We organized our project this year to be able to travel back to Kampala and Jinja for the weekend to visit with the Lords Meade students and attend church with Ben. He informed us that the church planting team spent two years initiating Bible studies around the area to determine the best location for the new church. It is located down a dirt road in the outskirts of Kampala. The church worshipped together for the first time on December 30, 2018. By God’s great provision, we were there on the Sunday when 30 Ugandans were taking membership vows to form the new congregation. What a blessing it was to see and hear them as they made their promises to support the church in its worship and work. In addition to the 30 members, there are about 40 children attending weekly who come from the surrounding community! We were happy to hear the testimony of a young mother who had come for the first time to this church because her children were coming. Though the congregation is small, they were enthusiastic in their worship of our great God. The music included hymns sung in English and Luganda. Ben is a gifted preacher and gave an excellent sermon about viewing work as a spiritual discipline which convicted many of us. There was even a children’s program during the sermon. After a delightful reception which included a beautiful (and delicious) homemade cake and bottled Mirinda soda, the team enjoyed lunch with Ben to learn more about his ministry. Apparently though there are many churches in the Kampala area, many of them are teaching false doctrine. COR church stands as a church where the truth of the Gospel is being preached. He has asked us to pray for several things: for people to be drawn to hearing the truth, for the opportunity to buy the parcel of land that they are now renting, for wisdom in planning an evangelistic outreach event for the fall, and for the new presbytery that is being formed. Ben and the team believe that a healthy and biblically functioning presbytery is crucial for broader church planting and the progress of the gospel in Uganda.