Saturday 6th July
Pray for the team from Stony Point Church, Richmond, Virginia who are coming to help with holiday club.
Pray that they would have smooth and safe travel and be able to rest well this evening.

Sunday 7th July
Pray for Zac Collins as he preaches at this morning’s service and Duncan Macleod as he preaches at the evening service.
Pray for the final decisions that have to be made for the holiday club and that many children from the community would come to the club this week.

Monday 8th July
Pray for first impressions and for good relationships to be formed, between team members as well as the children.
Pray for the children who do not know anyone else at the holiday club and that they would make friends.

Tuesday 9th July
Pray for Al and Zac as they present the gospel to the children every morning.
Pray for safety and good health for the children and team.

Wednesday 10th July
Pray for the group leaders and helpers, for energy and enthusiasm as well as sensitivity and wisdom.
Pray for the band as they lead the children and team in worship every day.

Thursday 11th July
Give thanks for the hosts and those who are making the team lunches every day.
Pray for continued strength, good health and energy for the team.

Friday 12th July
Pray that all of the children would leave the holiday club today with the knowledge that God loves them, that Jesus died and rose for them and that they, too, can have a relationship with Him.

Saturday 13th July
Pray for the Treasure Hunt and BBQ this afternoon: for safety, good fellowship and lasting relationships to be made.

Sunday 14th July
Pray for the special family service, that non-church families will come.
Pray for Al MacInnes as he preaches this morning.

Monday 15th July
Pray for the Stony Point team as they fly back home (really early!).
Give thanks for their commitment to and support of Dornoch Free Church.