United Marriage Class

United Marriage Class

A class for married and engaged couples which will meet for ten weeks on Sundays from 6:30 to 9:00 PM. Space for this intensive class is limited to twelve married or engaged couples.

This enlightening course takes couples through a series of life lessons in Scripture to explore the spiritual and emotional elements of a lasting, loving relationship. By reflecting on the value of a United marriage, you will gain a deeper appreciation of one another and your marriage. You will better understand what living your lives “as one” means and how it changes and strengthens you personally, as a couple, and as a family. By inviting God to be present in everyday life, you will find and develop new and different ways of relating and supporting each other in your life’s journey together.

How the United Class works:

  • Study: Utilize books, workbooks, and audio sessions to examine behavior patterns to learn new concepts about relationships and marriage.
  • Application: Weekly assignments for you and your spouse to complete separately and together. Reinforce current concepts and introduce concepts for the next week of learning.
  • Interaction: Small group sharing, discussion, and application and reinforce new behaviors and support the emotional growth of all couples in the class.
  • Accountability: Interaction with other couples who are also learning and challenging themselves to grow forms a unique support and accountability system. The varying personalities and life experiences of the group create stimulating discussions and an encouraging environment for change.

Couples who take United will learn how to:

  • Be each other’s best and most loyal partner in life.
  • Welcome and celebrate each other’s differences.
  • Talk with, not at, each other.
  • Forgive without keeping score.
  • Become more connected working through life’s challenges.
  • Share in and support each other’s dreams.
  • Stay committed to their marital and spiritual journey together.

United is a good fit for married couples who:

  • Have healthy marriages, and want to grow even deeper, stronger, and more purposeful in their connection with each other.
  • Are committed to one another, but struggle to relate well to each other in some areas.
  • Have grown stagnant in their marriage and want to re-kindle the spark.
  • Want to provide a strong foundation early in their marriage.

United is also a good fit for engaged couples who:

  • Are within 6 months of their wedding date.

Cost for United Marriage Class materials: $103.95 per couple. Please contact Janice Bilger at janice@stonypointchurch.org with any questions and your phone number and email address.


The event is finished.


Feb 06 2022


6:30 PM - 9:00 PM
Room 206 | Stony Point Church


Room 206 | Stony Point Church
2330 Buford Road | Richmond, VA | 23235
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