Hi friends!  We made it safely to Ukraine on Friday – we had our temperatures taken from the airplane in Kyiv before they let us deplane.  Fortunately, everyone passed and deplaned. Everything went according to plan and we arrived Vinitsa at 8:30pm after no sleep for 30 hours!  Saturday we got to meet with Tanya, the student leader I’ve been working with since last August, a local American, Tim, who will be helping with intermediate class and some other Ukrainian team members.

This is a unique EC in that it is hosted by a local church and all the volunteers, 20, attend this church.  The whole church has been praying for our arrival and this week!  Last night we attended their youth meeting (in Ukraine youth group is age 16-40) and we had a chance to introduce ourselves and have them pray for us.  Today we will attend church, share again, and have lunch with the pastor and some others after church.  I have to say for an introvert and jet lagged it has been a pretty intense time so far and EC hasn’t even started!  But we all feeling good and encouraged and feel very supported.  God has provided abundantly and we are eager to meet our students tomorrow.  Lessons will be from 5:00-8:00pm.  Today is Women’s Day so yesterday and tomorrow are holidays as well.  The university is closed tomorrow but they will let us use some classrooms.  However, projectors will not be available so it’s back to whiteboards and poster paper!  Always be flexible!  The focus is relationships and loving the students.

Please pray:.

  1. for selecting the 75 students we have space for.  Over 100 registered.  Pray that students selected will attend every lesson.  They will receive a certificate if they attend 4 out of 5 lessons
  2. for health and stamina for the Americans and wisdom and energy to deliver quality lessons and love the students
  3. for the Ukrainian team that they will develop good relationships with the students they will be following up with after the EC

Thanks for praying!