We set up the hall for our evangelistic Christmas dinner, not sure that many would come on Saturday, December 7. We were encouraged that some church families had invited their neighbors and they came. By the end of the evening, we had set up three extra tables and filled the hall with over 90 people including people from the church. About 25% came for the first time. Kurt explained how Jesus came to be the Good Shepherd we need.  One new Indian couple who attended also came to church the next day with their three teenagers. After the evening service the father said, “We will come every week.” And various ones from the family have been coming ever since as they are able! Other friends and neighbors came to one of our two carol services the past two Sundays.  Before we fly to the USA on Thursday, we will welcome friends from church who don’t have families to go to for Christmas lunch and then host our annual Christmas open house for mostly non-Christian friends in the evening.

Our training in Atlanta to help churches engage Muslims in their community has been condensed to January 8-10 — three days in order to make it easier for people to attend. We have been working hard to prepare for that. Kurt has been the main organizer working with a group of others. So far we have three churches that will participate with room for more to join in.  Let us know if you are interested.

We are grateful to God for how he has been answering your prayers. Thank you for your partnership in taking the gospel to Muslims in Europe. We appreciate your prayers and gifts of financial support.

  • Praise God for all who came to our evangelistic Christmas dinner December 7 and to the two carol services. Praise God for the Indian family who has started coming to church as a result. Pray we can draw together a group for an evangelistic Bible study in the new year.
  • The ladies English classes ended the term with an explanation of Christmas in the last class and a party at our house. Thank God Fatima’s medical problem was nothing serious.
  • Pray for the training January 8-10 in Atlanta to be effective in helping churches engage with Muslims in their community. Let us know if you would like to come.
  • Our boxer friend “A” got married in P@kistan on December 7. We have been in touch with him and even had a video call with he and his new wife recently.
  • Pray for God to keep us safe and healthy during our trip to the US. We leave December 26 to see our families before going to Atlanta for the training. Kurt will have various additional meetings with others working with Muslims in the US.