Mick is the fellow is the red shirt seating between Greg & Rob. He asked us if we would like him to share his perspective on our week in Dewsbury. We gladly accepted. You can read his affection and appreciation in almost every line. MB

Greetings to all at Stony Point Church from all at Dewsbury Evangelical Church,

I pray that this mission report finds you all well and encouraged from the teams daily reports from Dewsbury. Sadly though, all good things must come to an end.

Throughout Sunday, at three different departure times, the team dispersed bidding each other a fond farewell and see you soon. So I thought I would submit what I hope to be a very encouraging mission “final report” on the teams behalf.

Firstly I would like to thank you for lending such a willing, enthusiastic and encouraging team and sending them to us filled with such energy and desire to serve our Lord in partnership with us. They have been truly amazing to be with all week.

Though the team are no longer physically with us, Meara is up in Scotland. Steve (and his phone), Dawn and Madeline are in London. Brendan is already back on US soil and Gregg, Autumn, Rob and Audrey are currently in transit they and you are all with us in Christ and are very much in our prayers.

As we said our farewells yesterday there were hand shakes, hugs and almost a few tears shed from both teams as working so closely together, enjoying fellowship and getting to know each other through out the week which has been a great encouragement and has led to the start of some great friendships.

So how has today been? Well besides being very quiet and at a much slower pace, everyone will have returned to their normal routine and got back to the usual schedule of work, meetings and hopefully a little rest.

I think the Dewsbury team will most likely have enjoyed a slower paced day today, as we recover from the busy schedule of Quench week, but I am sure they will all have been encouraged in many ways from the outreach and events, not to mention the privilege of spending time with the team with plenty of opportunities to follow up from contacts made throughout the week.

As for me, well I went with my Father to a quaint little village called Bakewell home of the Bakewell tart (a type of cake), a quaint little village in the heart of the Peak District.

As we drove down through the undulating hills of the Peak District I instantly thought that everyone would have loved the journey seeing some picturesque scenery and some amazing views, although I think Rob would have wanted to pause at every new vista to capture the beauty on camera.

On arriving at the quaint little village Dawn, Meara, Audrey, Autumn and Madeline would have enjoyed the market and shops as well as the many little cafes that served some delicious desserts. Madeline and Autumn would have gone crazy for the many sweet shops! (confectionary stores).

Rob and Brendan would have been amazed due to the stunning scenery and backdrop of the Peak District with inspirational photo opportunities around every corner.

Steve would have loved it for the stunning walks around the area although I fear his walking partner Greg would have felt a little apprehensive due to the number of major hills around the village.

As for me, well my Father and I cycled from the village centre and out along the Monsal Trail which is part of a disused rail route that is popular with cyclists and walkers alike, at the end of the trail we turned around and returned to the village for a well earned coffee and cake before heading home.

Today has been very different to the past week, a lot quieter with withdrawal symptoms from the hilariously funny Madeline comedy show as well as looking back and reflecting on the blessing and encouragement of being involved with the outreach work, not to mention the new friendships that were made that will last an eternity in the Kingdom.

I pray the team all makes it home safely and the tea bags for you all to enjoy a cup of real Yorkshire tea after a service to remember us all. Thank you for your partnership in prayer and support all for the glory of our gracious Lord.

And remember guys, it wasn’t goodbye it was see you soon…….In Christ, Mick