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Grow in the grace and knowledge of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.
Wherever you are on your spiritual journey, our Sunday Morning Classes will help you develop a Christian mind and heart in the company of others. Classes meet  from 9:45  to 10:45.


GLOBAL MISSION PROJECT REPORTS. September 15 & 22 in Room 206. Hear stories of God’s grace and faithfulness experienced by some of SPC’s Global Mission Teams this past year in North Carolina, Scotland, Slovakia, NYC, England, Peru, Charlottesville, Guatemala, and Uganda. 50TH ANNIVERSARY MIXER. September 28 in the Fellowship Hall. In between our two Anniversary Celebration Worship Services, we will host one of our Sunday Morning Mixers, designed not just for us to enjoy refreshments, but to enjoy each other’s company. Celebrate with old friends and make new ones over finger food and lemonade. Our 50 years as a church have been characterized by 50 years of fellowship. Let’s keep that spirit alive. 2019 CONGREGATIONAL MEETINGS. Sunday, November 17 at 9:45 AM &  Sunday, December 15 at 4:30 PM. These meetings are one of several ways that SPC members “support the Church in its worship and work to the best of their ability,” as promised in their membership vows. They are also a way for newcomers to see how SPC’s members prepare the church's budget for the coming year and elect new church officers. All are welcome and encouraged to attend.

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September 15 through October 27 in the Gallery. Our membership class meets for six weeks. It examines the five vows new members make as they join the church. Whether you have been a member of a PCA congregation before, or are coming from a church of another Christian tradition, or have never been a member of a church before and are interested in exploring membership at Stony Point Church, this will be the class for you. If the dates won’t work for you this time around, our practice is to incorporate the basics of membership in the Gateway class which meets October through May. If you want to join through the Gateway Class, there is an eight-week class after which you can apply for membership. The Membership Class and the Gateway Class meet in the Gallery, just outside the sanctuary. Teacher: Steve Constable, Senior Pastor        

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October 6 through December 29 in Room 206. Most things in the Bible are clear or can become clear with a little investigation, but there are some things which remain hard to understand. Behind these hard sayings are things that God is teaching us through the Bible which, difficult though they may be, we need to deal with. Hard Sayings of the Bible, Part One will be the first of two or more classes tackling hard sayings, and teaching us how to read our Bible better and grow closer to the God who reveals Himself through them. Teacher: Mark Bilger    

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October 6 through December 29 in the Fellowship Hall. The leadership of Stony Point Church has committed itself to the vital work within our generation of racial reconciliation. We believe that despite the challenges which seem immense, relationships can be made, understanding fostered, and increasing healing given by the Lord as we do the hard work of listening and changing with each other as brothers and sisters. The purpose of the Race and the Church Class is to follow our denomination’s lead in creating space to learn, reflect, lament, and respond to issues past and present related to systemic racial injustice and to Jesus’ desire that His whole church—“from every nation, tribe, people, and language”—would be one in true unity and deep fellowship. Teachers: DeVario Pitchford, Elder and Jordan Maroon    

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The Prayer Room

Every Sunday morning in Room 106. Praying for our congregation, neighbors, city, nation, world, & Church. Commit to weekly prayer or visit occasionally. You are always welcome. Do you have a personal need or know someone who does? Do you have a reason for thanksgiving? Would you like others to pray for a ministry in which you’re involved? Has God given you a burden to pray for renewal in His church? The advance of the gospel among unreached people groups?  Join other men and women who are committed to prayer, confident that the prayers of God’s people are powerful and effective.

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