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Pastor James Bab: Kiryandongo Refugee Settlement

WOMEN COUNSELORS: SECOND TRAINING IN NOVEMBER 2019 The women counselors Give appreciation to Stony Point Church for funding this helpful project. They conducted a training today in Matgocni Church (Good Shepherd School compound). These women were taught lessons they learned from the SPC Team (Martha Furman and Anita Keltonic) this past summer.

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Dear Friends, We have been much loved and have seen God’s kindness to us in numerous ways.  Last Sunday, after the service in Vitkovce, the Roma believers provided a wonderful farewell meal and showered us with gifts that included a winter coat; a dress; a home-made cookbook with personal letters; and the list goes on. Wednesday, we had a meal with our Indian friends here in Kosice and once again shared with them the wonder-filled facts of the gospel. It was with tears that they reluctantly departed. Our desire in sharing this with you now is to show you that [...]

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Jacqueline Carrell: International Students, Inc. (Charlottesville)

During the week of August 19 - 24, several of us from Stony Point Church had the opportunity to welcome international students to UVA. We worked with Patrick Flynn, a missionary affiliated with International Students, Inc. who grew up at and is supported by SPC. In past years, Patrick, his family, and a couple of volunteers have handed out welcome bags to international students as they walked around the grounds the week before classes begin. These welcome bags are hand-sewn by a church in Roanoke and contain all sorts of goodies like food, notebook paper, pens, and a flyer on [...]

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Pastor Silas Okello: Uganda 2019

As the SPC Uganda Mission Team was leaving Lira a little over a week ago, we learned about Truth Fountain's care for some of the widows who live in a nearby IDP (Internally Displaced People) Camp. Thanks (again) to the big-heartedness of one of our friends, we were able to leave a little money behind for the purchase of hoes and seeds for these ladies. Today, we received this report from our partners at Truth Fountain regarding their recent visit to the IDP Camp and ministry there. MB Calvary greetings to you in Christ Jesus! We would like to extend [...]

Pastor James Bab: Uganda 2019

Pastor James Bab is one of SPC's partners in Kiryandongo Refugee Settlement. His church is in the process of establishing a primary school for children in and around the church. The school is now serving about 450 students. SPC is helping the school construct a fence around the school (a requirement for operating a school in the settlement). Several days after we left Kiryandongo, Pastor James sent this video to show us that construction was underway. MB

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Sekyanzi Joshua: Uganda 2019

Sekyanzi Joshua asked if we would mind posting one more thought he has regarding our work and witness in Uganda. We said no. Here's what he wrote. MB Many people think that it seems too expensive for one to fly from the States to Africa to preach the Good News of Jesus Christ when Africa has trained pastors who can carry on with the spread of the Good News. One would ask, is it worth it all to spend thousands of dollars yet Africa has got trained pastors? For the past years, Africa has had and welcomed many missionaries to [...]

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No, we haven't gone back to Uganda. Not yet, anyway. (Although I am sorely tempted to.) But I wanted to let our dear supporters know that, even though we have come home, the work in Uganda goes on...thanks to their (your!) generous, faithful giving. Good Shepherd School is operated by our partners in Kiryandongo Refugee Settlement. It provides a primary education (and some normalcy in a sea of chaos) for about 450 students. Many are from the church there. Most are not. To stay in operation, the school is required by the local government to construct a fence to keep [...]

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Meara Huisman: Dornoch 2019

On Saturday, we had our HBC bbq and scavenger hunt at the church. Everyone went on a walk around Dornoch to find all the clues, which turned into a great opportunity to fellowship with the team and all the visitors that came with their kids. Later that night, we saw the Dornoch pipe band and dancers with the team. On Sunday, we all gathered in the morning for church and saw some of the families from the day before at Sunday worship. After church, we walked through Dornoch to get to our last lunch together at the Mackay’s. The Dornoch [...]

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Rachel Rigdon: Uganda 2019

With both sadness and joy, we said goodbye to our ministry partners at Truth Fountain Church in Lira. Introductions and goodbyes have more significance in Uganda. It’s important to leave plenty of time “to summarize” as Ugandans say. East African people are so gracious and prioritize relationships above programming and punctuality. Even after a long day of work, the pastors of Truth Fountain wanted to meet with us to thank us for collaborating with them in ministry. Their love of the Lord and commitment to God’s word is inspiring to see. We’ve heard from several Ugandan pastors that most Ugandans [...]

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Sekyanzi Joshua: Uganda 2019

Skeyanzi Joshua grew up in Canaan Children's Home and benefited from the care he received there with the SPC's support. Joshua graduated from Kampala International University in 2015 in Human Resources Management. And he served with SPC's Uganda Mission Team this past week in Lira with Rachel Rigdon and the Bryants. MB We thank God for every one that supported the Stony Point Mission team to come to Uganda (Africa). It was a very long journey from Kampala to the northern part of Uganda. The roads had a lot of potholes that led to a delay on the way. Despite [...]

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