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Many thanks to everyone who gave blood, donated supplies and equipment to the Pregnancy Resource Center, and contributed to our Uganda Emergency Fund. Here's a snapshot of the generosity of God manifested through His people: BLOOD DRIVE 41 People showed up to give and we collected 39 pints. UGANDA EMGERGENCY FUND $54,880 PREGNANCY RESOURCE CENTER 28 Boxes of Diapers 3 Car Seats 1 Travel System (Car seat / Stroller) 20 Boxes of Formula 3 Containers of Wipes 4 Bottles of Baby Shampoo 6 Boxes of MaxiPads 18 Blankets 4 Sleepers 22 Rompers 8 Onesies 14 Bibs/Burpers 19 Towels & Washclothes [...]

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Jeannie Tabb: Ukraine • 3/8/20

Hi friends!  We made it safely to Ukraine on Friday - we had our temperatures taken from the airplane in Kyiv before they let us deplane.  Fortunately, everyone passed and deplaned. Everything went according to plan and we arrived Vinitsa at 8:30pm after no sleep for 30 hours!  Saturday we got to meet with Tanya, the student leader I've been working with since last August, a local American, Tim, who will be helping with intermediate class and some other Ukrainian team members. This is a unique EC in that it is hosted by a local church and all the volunteers, 20, [...]

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Pastor Silas: Lira, Uganda • 2/10/20

Praise God dear, I would like to thank you and the stony point church for the support given to our children. Mercy passed Primary Living Examination very well and she have started her senior one study today. The other children are also doing great all of them have been promoted to new classes. I will set the copies of receipts to you in the course of the week.

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Pastor James Bab: Kiryandongo Refugee Settlement • 2/1/20

Dear SPC, We are almost fit the government requirements. The toilet is finished before Monday 3 February 2020 of opening the school. thanks to Stony point church for supporting us. Also I want to know the schedule for your visiting in kiryandongo, If it’s still the same. God bless you Stony point church. In the Lamb.

Pastor James Bab: Kiryandongo Refugee Settlement • 1/27/20

Dear Stony Point Church, Greetings from Africa in Jesus Christ name. Amen. Work update: The below is the pictures of Good Shepherd primary’s five stance toilets. So engineer trust us and dug the toilets before the money arrived and now just building up the toilets and will finish before next Monday when the children go back to school. So we are grateful for supporting and funding Good Shepherd. We hope and pray to see you in July by His grace . Thanks, In the Lamb, Pastor James Bab, Kiryandongo Refugee Settlement

Kurt & Jill: Somewhere • 1/20/20

We set up the hall for our evangelistic Christmas dinner, not sure that many would come on Saturday, December 7. We were encouraged that some church families had invited their neighbors and they came. By the end of the evening, we had set up three extra tables and filled the hall with over 90 people including people from the church. About 25% came for the first time. Kurt explained how Jesus came to be the Good Shepherd we need.  One new Indian couple who attended also came to church the next day with their three teenagers. After the evening service [...]

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Tom Smith: ITEM • 1/14/20

In Kenya, ITEM Works to Teach Poor, Uneducated Recently, Daniel Muindi, Director of All Nations College, reported on his school and ITEM's impact in Thika, Kenya and beyond. This is some of what he had to say: With the help of ITEM, All Nations College in Kenya trains pastors and ministry leaders from different and diverse denominations. Most of these pastors enrolled for training have congregations in small towns and villages where economic life is extremely challenging. Many pastors who desire to attend classes can’t even raise $50 for class registration. Many survive on one meal a day. We have [...]

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Jeannie Tabb: Atlanta • 12/30/19

There has been a lot happening and God is working. Each of the speakers in the South Asian track are from South Asia (India and Nepal) and they are relating very well. Last night 40 South Asian professionals from Atlanta came to have dinner and spend time with students. There was a panel of South Asian professionals who shared that they were Christ followers and they were more interested in having purpose in life and a job they loved than making money. And that families and relationships were a high priority. Students were asking how they made the decision to [...]

Pastor James Bab: Kiryandongo Refugee Settlement • 11/11/19

WOMEN COUNSELORS: SECOND TRAINING IN NOVEMBER 2019 The women counselors Give appreciation to Stony Point Church for funding this helpful project. They conducted a training today in Matgocni Church (Good Shepherd School compound). These women were taught lessons they learned from the SPC Team (Martha Furman and Anita Keltonic) this past summer.

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