Counseling is a process of both discovery and challenge as spiritual, relational and behavioral patterns are identified, investigated and then changed.  Change occurs as these patterns are examined in the gracious light of the Gospel and then replaced with ways of believing, thinking and doing that are grounded in the radical, transformative truth of God’s Word.  The death and resurrection of Christ are the basis for all the encouragement, wisdom, illumination, trust, correction, love and hope that we offer.

The Details
Our approach to counseling is biblical (that is, our view of people, relationships, problems, solutions and health are grounded in the Bible), dynamic (that is, people are often unaware of what motivates them) and interpersonal (failed relationships are often a big part of emotional distress, and an intimate relationship with God and right relationships with others are essential for well-being).
The counseling process itself is collaborative and insight-oriented.  We believe that an understanding of the past often sheds light on the present, promoting a new depth of awareness in matters of responsibility and choice.  Accordingly, counseling will sometimes focus on relational patterns that began in the past and are maintained in the present through self-reinforcing cycles of interaction.
The counseling environment is a safe, compassionate and authentic one in which you are able to talk about your life and concerns without fear of judgment.
SPC’s pastoral staff are not licensed psychologists or psychiatrists or otherwise certified or approved by the Commonwealth of Virginia.  We provide counseling of a pastoral/spiritual nature that is gospel centered and biblically based.  We do not diagnose mental illnesses or disorders or prescribe treatments for them.  Mindful of our limitations, the services of psychologists or psychiatrists may be suggested from time to time in addition to, or as an alternative to, the counseling provided by Stony Point Church.  Such suggestions do not imply a diagnosis of any kind.
Contact the church office at 804-272-8111 to speak with one of SPC’s pastors.