Skeyanzi Joshua grew up in Canaan Children’s Home and benefited from the care he received there with the SPC’s support. Joshua graduated from Kampala International University in 2015 in Human Resources Management. And he served with SPC’s Uganda Mission Team this past week in Lira with Rachel Rigdon and the Bryants. MB

We thank God for every one that supported the Stony Point Mission team to come to Uganda (Africa). It was a very long journey from Kampala to the northern part of Uganda. The roads had a lot of potholes that led to a delay on the way. Despite all of the challenges, the team was bold and strong enough to go on with the journey.

The northern part of Uganda has not been reached by many missionaries due to its long distance from the national airport. The people living in northern Uganda are so friendly and they welcomed us in a very special way with lots of hugs and smiles. Despite all the warm welcome, there are few churches that preach the true Gospel of Jesus Christ and they also strongly believe in their culture which seems to be harsh to women. In some of the shared stories during a marriage class, a lady said, “Some men beat up their women so many times believing that the more the women are being beaten, the more these women will develop more love for their husbands.” We worked hard to see that these people get to know biblical marriage since it portrays how marriage has to be.

The marriage class was very active since everyone wanted to know how biblical marriage differs from culture. Many marriage questions were solved and we believe those who attended the marriage class will be able to pass on the knowledge to those who missed.

The women leaders also got enough training on how to heal the wounds of trauma. This is an exercise that will help to ease their work while helping to solve the problems of people that they lead.

Uganda as a country is blessed with the Gospel of Jesus Christ since many missionaries for the past years have reached out to many places. The challenge Uganda has now is that most pastors are not trained enough and therefore they keep preaching according to their personal interests and many believers have failed to understand the truth due to the false teachings from these pastors. The Stony Point team tried all efforts to see that these pastors in Lira and the nearby area get to understand the true Gospel of Jesus Christ through a separate meeting which was only for pastors. We have done the training with these pastors, but we believe God will guide them so that they understand His word more in order to preach the true Gospel of Jesus Christ to the believers. We now believe they are to be good workers in the Lord’s ministry.

We are thankful to God that most Ugandan schools teach religious education to their young students. But the motive behind teaching Christian education is for these students to pass examinations so they don’t base much on the Bible since teachers base on the guide books they have. The Stony Point mission team reached out to many schools in Lira and the students were so happy and excited to get to know more about Jesus Christ through skits, songs, and scriptures. We played a clear role in helping the little students know more about God, but there is still more need for these little students not to see Christian education as a mere class lesson.

At the last day, all participants were awarded with certificates of participation and everyone left with a big smile.