In Kenya, ITEM Works to Teach Poor, Uneducated

Recently, Daniel Muindi, Director of All Nations College, reported on his school and ITEM’s impact in Thika, Kenya and beyond. This is some of what he had to say:

With the help of ITEM, All Nations College in Kenya trains pastors and ministry leaders from different and diverse denominations. Most of these pastors enrolled for training have congregations in small towns and villages where economic life is extremely challenging. Many pastors who desire to attend classes can’t even raise $50 for class registration. Many survive on one meal a day.

We have three training bases away from our central campus in Thika where ITEM educators stay when they come. These training bases train students who cannot come to Thika due to distance or cost or both. In one of the training centers we pay for translators who help translate ITEM course manuals into native languages.

We lowered tuition to $20 per student. More than 70 students are currently enrolled in the three centers, with 51 qualified to graduate this year. We have a few who are denominational heads (bishops) who have pastors and elders in their churches who never had any theological training and have found ITEM to be an answer to their training needs. Elders here are sometimes theologically illiterate, but they help in evangelism, church administration and governance.

We are grateful ITEM is able to penetrate even into the most remote villages and communities. Kenya is an open door for church and mission work. ITEM educators are effective and well prepared. We have had pastors coming for training from Uganda, Tanzania, Rwanda and Democratic Republic of Congo. This is an indicator that God is using ITEM and All Nations College to reach out to all nations for God’s glory.