• Sermon Series: Giving in Faith
  • Sermon Title: A New Life to Give
  • Preacher: Steve Constable
  • Scripture: Matthew 13:44-52


READ Matthew 13:44-46

  1. Imagine you know that the winning Powerball lottery ticket for $500 billion is lying on the mantelpiece of a house for sale in your neighborhood. The price of the house is worth more than you have, but if you sold everything , making yourself homeless in the process, you could just about afford it? Would you do it?
  2. What is the Kingdom of Heaven and what does Jesus say in these parables that it is like?
  3. Why does the one man need to buy the field when he has already found the treasure?
  4. What role does joy find in the stories and why is probably the most important element here?
  5. Do you need to sell everything you have to gain the Kingdom? Even if you don’t, have you asked yourself whether you are all in when it comes to Jesus? IF so, what will that demand of you?
  6. What is the treasure in the parables? Have you found the treasure yourself and could you show someone else where to find it?
  7. Praise God that the most valuable treasure anyone could ever have has been given freely to you that you might freely share it with others.