• Sermon Series: Jude | Fighting for the Faith
  • Sermon Title: The Everyday Battle
  • Preacher: Steve Constable
  • Scripture: Jude 1:20-25


READ Jude 1:20-25

1. Warm-up. It’s hard when we have a personality clash with someone. But much more than personality differences are at stake for Jude and his readers. His sense of betrayal, hurt, and anger comes from contending with apostates who espouse Christianity, but turn from that faith and seduce others. Jude confronts an apostasy that undermines grace, disdains authority, and appears beyond repentance and redemption.

2. How do you imagine that Jude feels as he sums up his letter against the people who have betrayed hurt and angered him?

3. What do you think he has been thinking about in his own experience as he writes here of  the ‘beloved’? Who has called them, loved them and kept them [v.1] according to Jude?

4. How have you benefited from the Lord’s mercy?

5. To whom is God calling you to show His mercy this week? (Refresh your memory by reviewing this checklist from Jude.)

☐ Doubters who may be under the influence of false teachers

☐  Family members who do not understand things of the Spirit

☐ Scoffers who follow their own ungodly desires

☐ Divisive people who may be wreaking havoc in your church

☐ Grumblers, faultfinders, braggarts, self-promoters

☐ Those who have slandered you or speak abusively about you

☐ Others who could still be snatched from the fires of hell

☐ Other:

6. “Who is the most difficult person you’ve had to contend with (at work, in church, or on the home front), and with whom it is almost always a contest of wills and strength?” (Without naming names, how have you managed to do battle with this person?) “Have you ever been on the receiving end of a sound rebuke (whether or not it was deserved)?” (What was that like?)

7. What have you learned from Jude to arm and encourage you in the battle? Give thanks for that now.

Taken from 2 Peter & Jude (LifeChange Book 8). The Navigators. Kindle Edition.