• Preacher: Steve Constable
  • Sermon Title: Your King Will Come
  • Scripture: Mark 11:1-14


READ Mark 11:1-14

1. What are your memories of Palm Sunday as a child? What do you remember being told about Jesus?

2. How about today? What do you think the message of Palm Sunday is?

3. Mark begins with Jesus’ transport. Why do you think he makes a big deal about this donkey?

4. From what they say in the passage, what do you think the people of Jerusalem made of Jesus that day?

5. The worshipers of Palm Sunday were [for the most part] almost certainly not believers in Jesus. Why were they excited? You have better reasons to be excited about the coming of Christ, are you?

6. The stories of the fig tree and the temple show us the point at which the people began to turn against Jesus. Do you ever speak about God’s judgment with friends who aren’t Christians? How do they respond? How do these stories from Mark 11 help you to explain it?

7. Where is the gospel of God’s grace in Mark 11:1-14?

8. Spend time in closing by thanking God for His grace shown here.