This Happened On 09/01/1969

The very first budget of the new church contained an line-item of $27 which was set aside for missions, and the first couple to receive regular financial support from SPC was David and Barbara Cross (pictured above) in September, 1969, just three months after the congregation met for the first time . Their mission was to plant churches in Australia, a mission which eventually led them to plant churches in England.

A few year later, SPC began to support Audrey and George Omerley in Peru (1972), Steve and Sarah Young in Japan (1978), John and Barbara Crane in Chile (1981),  Gindy Miley with Operation Mobilization (1982), Will and Judy Traub in Germany (1988) and Chip and Sharon Copper in Uganda (1988). SPC’s first weekend Missions Conference was held  in September 1988, with the Reverend John Oliver, Pastor of First Presbyterian Church in Augusta, Georgia, speaking on the theme, “Declare His Glory.”

Fast forward to 2016: SPC now supports 26 local, regional and international missionaries and mission agencies with an annual missions budget that is close to $200,000.